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Ignazio Dentici – A Valued Member of Bucks Hubs

At Bucks Hubs, we take pride in our diverse community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals who have found a thriving ecosystem to nurture their ideas and businesses. Ignazio, a dedicated member of Bucks Hubs for almost three years, embodies the spirit of innovation and growth. We are pleased to present a case study highlighting Ignazio’s remarkable journey and the impact he’s made within our community and beyond.


Ignazio, originally from Italy, has made England his home. With a multicultural upbringing, he speaks both English and Italian. He pursued a master’s degree in chemical engineering in 2006, showcasing his strong foundation in science.

The Spiritual Awakening:

In 2002, during his university studies, Ignazio’s life took a profound turn. He experienced a powerful spiritual awakening. This awakening ignited a deep interest in meditation and spiritual exploration, setting the stage for his future endeavours.

The Quest for Knowledge:

Motivated by his awakening, Ignazio embarked on a lifelong quest for spiritual knowledge. He delved into various spiritual schools, practices, and techniques, both in the West and the East, mastering some of the most effective and powerful meditative and spiritual practices in the world.

Personal and Professional Achievements:

Ignazio’s dedication to personal growth extends into his love for his family life, where he shares a happy life with his wife, Ursula, and their daughter, Jada.

Ignazio’s professional journey is equally impressive:

  • As a Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, Ignazio guides individuals on a journey of healing and self-discovery.
  • He is a certified Meditation Teacher, recognised by the MPA Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge School, helping individuals unlock their inner potential.
  • Ignazio is a an AYP Advanced Yoga Practices teacher, offering advanced techniques for spiritual growth.
  • He serves as a Spiritual Mentor, guiding true seekers on their path to spiritual awakening.
  • As a translator and voice actor, he has contributed thousands of hours of Yoga and Meditation practices to the Down Dog app.
  • His passion for meditation has led him to teach in Virtual Reality as part of the EvolVR-TRIPP community.

Engagement with Bucks Hubs:

Ignazio joined Bucks Hubs nearly three years ago, and his presence has enriched our community. Bucks Hubs has provided him with an ideal environment to focus on his work, and he has been an active and valued member of our vibrant community. He has had the opportunity to connect with amazing entrepreneurs, forging connections that have invigorated his creative work. Ignazio has found our hub’s buzzing energy instrumental in advancing his projects.

Teaching at Buckinghamshire New University:

Furthermore, Ignazio’s expertise in spirituality and holistic well-being has earned him an invitation to teach in the spirituality, ecology, and mental health master’s program at Buckinghamshire New University. His commitment to sharing his knowledge and mentoring the next generation of students aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering growth and innovation.

At Bucks Hubs, we’re proud to have Ignazio as a member of our dynamic community. His remarkable journey, from a profound spiritual awakening to becoming a multifaceted spiritual teacher and mentor, exemplifies the spirit of innovation and personal growth that we aim to cultivate. Ignazio’s case study serves as a testament to the positive impact that can be achieved through a combination of personal passion, professional excellence, and community engagement. We look forward to witnessing his continued contributions to our community and the broader educational landscape. Ignazio is a true inspiration to all those who seek to make a meaningful impact on the world.


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