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Rituals and routines for successful hybrid work

April 10 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

  • Since 2020, hybrid working has become a primary expectation for any worker whose work can be delivered remotely
  • While most organisations have now adopted some form of hybrid working, getting into the flow of effective distributed working remains problematic.
  • With no standardised blueprints available for effective hybrid working, we need new routines and rituals for the time we spend both at home and in the office to help teams remain productive, purposeful and energised
  • This interactive webinar provides priorities for organisations looking to achieve effectiveness in the age of hybrid working

The webinar

This webinar is for business and HR leaders looking to get the most out of hybrid working.

Grounded in the latest research and analysis, it explores the psychological needs of workers as they adapt to more fluid ways of working. As operating environments become increasingly complex, organisational agility is an imperative. Creating and nurturing work cultures that optimise engagement and inclusivity are a must for high-performing teams to continue to deliver market value.

The session offers a practical starting points and the opportunity to compare notes and learn from peers who are experiencing similar challenges as they craft optimal hybrid work arrangements for their organisations.

This is for you if:

  • Any of the work your organisation does can be undertaken remotely
  • You’re already offering hybrid working
  • You want to redesign your workspace to encourage more people back to the office for gatherings and relationship building
  • You recognise that social connection and collaboration are key to innovation and organisational resilience
  • You’re an ambitious business leader who’s recognised the world of work has changed. You understand hybrid work is key to organisational agility and the future of work
  • You’re an HR leader or Head of Facilities who’s been tasked with redesigning workspaces and processes for hybrid working
  • You’re looking to build a robust future of work strategy that underpins organisational resilience
  • You’re naturally curious and enjoy exploring a wider range of perspectives

What you’ll learn:

  • Why hybrid is key to recruitment and retention objectives
  • The importance of rituals and routines in daily life
  • The power of co-design
  • The role of the post-pandemic office
  • Why inclusion superpowers engagement, motivation, performance and productivity
  • What others are doing to integrate hybrid into business as usuaoing to integrate hybrid into business as usual

About your facilitators:


Cat Barnard has a career in agile workforce-planning spanning three decades. Her experience lies in building and nurturing high-performing distributed teams.

Pat Lodge combines a background in commercial strategy with 18 years’ trend analysis experience with a UK-based global trends consultancy. He provides expert insight on the socio-cultural shifts most likely to impact modern workplaces.

As co-founders of Working the Future, their shared interest lies in the future of work and the adoption of new operating and organising models for commercial resilience in fast-paced and dynamic markets.



10 April, 2024 – 10 April, 2024
1:00pm – 2:00pm

Working The Future

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